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Political Science

July 11, 2009

Only 6% of scientists are Republicans.  No surprises here.

The dangerously tenuous connection between science and politics has been long overlooked by a public that is content with its barely superficial levels of understanding, and has only ever been excoriated by repugnant ivory tower academics such as myself when I wrote my undergraduate thesis.  Speaking of which, the new format is supposed to encourage commenting and discussion, so please peruse, scrutinize, lambaste, impugn to your heart’s content.  The discussion is the point.

Here, I’ll start: this shitty thesis was obviously written in 2006 by someone with a penchant for masturbatory recapitulations of the history of philosophy. It has no value to the greater public because it is distracted by a 70-page detour into the catacombs of irrelevant metaphysics and epistemology.

Now, your turn.

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