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Logic and Wikipedia

October 17, 2009

If there was any doubt in your mind that Wikipedia is the best website ever, this entry on the hardest logic puzzle of all time is proof positive.  The problem is a diabolical variation of the ever-truthful/lying gods where a third god is added who randomly tells the truth or lies, and you also don’t know the language the gods speak.

XKCD Illustrates a Variation

XKCD Illustrates a Variation

The fact that Wikipedia has an instantly accessible solution that is written in [almost] plain English is simply incredible.  Never before has humanity had access to such knowledge, and if Saturday Morning Cartoons taught me anything, knowledge is power!

The only question that remains is whether humanity’s mental muscles will grow flabby from lack of exercise when the impatient mind can simply click on a link to solve the puzzle rather than having to stew over the problem for oneself for a while.  That’s one question I’m not sure Wikipedia has the answer to.

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