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Cooking the Books

October 29, 2009

In the latest poignant example of unperceived costs, vegans driving a Hummer have a smaller carbon footprint than beef eaters driving a Prius, if you really care about those sorts of things.  I suppose it is another point that justifies the full-tilt revolutionaries quite a bit more than the compromising yuppies who only adopt change as a form of showing “how much they care.”  Of course, the funny thing about that sound bite is that not driving at all (or at least not commuting) results in a smaller carbon footprint than both drivers, even if you triple your beef consumption.  So stick that in your hybrid windpipe and smoke it.

In other numbers news, here’s a sad chart showing the death of newspapers’ circulations.  They’ll go out with the Boomers until they figure out how to behave like the Economist (not shown on the chart, fittingly enough, even though it would be somewhere near the middle-bottom).  Maybe it’s because we spend 90% of our waking hours staring at glowing rectangles…not that the hippies from the paragraph above would be upset at how much paper we’re saving doing so.

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