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Ultimate Media Mashup and CopyRight

November 3, 2009

This guy probably committed about 100 copyright “violations” in the making of this ultimate internet video mashup, but I don’t think anyone who views it could seriously believe that a single one of those instances of copying should actually be a violation.  Well, maybe Jane Ginsburg, but the whole point is that this is so clearly a fair use that it almost belongs in a textbook or–more appropriately–case law.

To be slightly didactic, this video exemplifies what one ought to be free to do in the “Remix Generation” (as Larry Lessig would put it).  It’s creating new art from existing building blocks, without appropriating the value inherent in those building blocks.  We are always standing on the shoulders of giants (usually of art), but now the giants (of industry, not art) are trying to buck us off their shoulders.  We need to fight for the birthright of the digital era.

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