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A Senator Walks Into A Prank…

November 22, 2009

So, a prankster pretended to be a 10-year old soliciting jokes from congressmen for a “school project,” and quite a few Senators fell for it.  Well, to look on the bright side, at least some Senators have a sense of humor–most often about themselves–and replied with some jokes.

The best joke, as voted by the voters, was Olympia Snowe’s, who has been kicking some ass lately.  To paraphrase:

Michaelangelo and a politician arrive knocking at the pearly gates simultaneously, but the heavenly masses roll out the welcome mat for the politician and slam the gates shut in Michaelangelo’s face.  Befuddled, Michaelangelo knocks again, St. Peter recognizes the mistake, and lets him in.  When Michaelangelo asks St. Peter why heaven would be so quick to dismiss Michaelangelo in favor of a politician, St. Peter replies, “Oh, Michaelangelo, I am so sorry.  You see, we get a great many artists and religious people entering through the pearly gates, but this is the first politician we’ve ever had!”

Not bad.  Not nearly as bad as thankfully-ex-Senator Rick Santorum’s response, which was just bizarre.  Here’s his answer to the inquiry, if you can call it that, verbatim:

Although a favorite joke doesn’t immediately come to mind, I do enjoy laughing.


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