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Palin Can Haz Book

November 23, 2009

Speaking of Sarah Palin, she is an interesting historical figure as she is simultaneously the focal point and embodiment of the decline of American politics.  Her book release has undoubtedly launched her firmly into the 2012 presidential race, and upon some fact-checking from her critics the gauntlet was thrown down and she was forced to hilariously defend herself, girding her throngs of adoring fans against the unAmer’can intelligentsia.  The troublesome part is really the last group.  Watch the whole video below.  It’ll make you say “Sweet Baby Jesus.”

Of course, a post such as this one is almost certainly too bold to be useful in any political sense; the sheer fact of the matter is that she demonstrates the polarization latent in American politics, and as such I only intend such a pronouncement to take on analytical (as opposed to partisan) implications.  There is no way to convince someone of your position if they weren’t already predisposed to it because the two major political parties of America simply use different and incompatible tools of analysis and persuasion.  Tribalism and rationality simply don’t overcome one another; they pass in the night.

What we need in America is a new revolution of basic political configuration.  The polity cannot survive for long once one considers demography and the fact that the stupid breed a whole lot faster than the intelligent.  Oh, that’s probably politically incorrect.  Let me rephrase; poorer people breed a whole lot faster than the rich.  Well, until they get comfortable enough to have luxury babies.  Maybe only the super-rich that can save us.  More to come on this point.

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  1. slickricks permalink*
    November 24, 2009 4:40 am

    I should have noted that the fact that Palin is simultaneously the focal point and embodiment of the decline of American politics makes perfect sense for a democracy. She is simply and literally representative of a large swath of the American population (i.e., the “golden quarter” that never stopped supporting George W. Bush), which is why she implicates the need for profound, systemic political change rather than mere “education.”


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