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Slightly to the Left

December 4, 2009

Some nice graphical representations of the political leanings of major corporations…not sure who this is useful for (except maybe some congressmen feeling like they’re getting a bad deal and want to use this as leverage for more money), but it’s fun to play around with nonetheless.  I wonder if this sort of thing is capable of predicting who will still sponsor Glenn Beck.

The one piece of commentary I’ll offer is that it should be pretty obvious that the most regulated (or potentially regulated) industries come out on top of the most donations: telecommunications, biotechnology, etc.  No surprise that the maximum investment in lobbying is by AT&T, which had thrived as a monopoly for decades in an industry where rates are regulated and the monopoly licensed, which is why we have terrible iPhone service without some kind of government action being taken.  All thanks to Theodore Vail.

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