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Great Headlines Even Botox Can’t Ruin

January 10, 2010

Whether they were intentional or inadvertent, attention-grabbing or coffee-spitting, these articles’ editors deserve some recognition for their brazenly awesome headlines, so here’s my collection of the best headlines of recent memory (aka ever, as far as this blog is concerned).  Considering the fact that the headlines also summarized the content of the article, some reach mind-boggling proportions.

The 50 best headlines of 2009 (though I don’t agree with their ordering) include:

Hooker named lay person of the year.

Pittsburgh Police want to see junk in your trunk.

Nutt faces sack.

Police use Taser on fake cougar.

Honorable mention: All your bases belong to US.

Best sports headline ever: A-Rod goes deep, Wang hurt.

Best headlines from before 2009: Skywalkers in Korea Cross Han Solo and Great tits cope well with warming.

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