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February 24, 2010

Twitter + Wikipedia = the new(?) Ten Word Wiki.  Like any community-generated site, there are many faults to be found with the submissions, but they can predictably be smoothed over with enough feedback and contributions over time.  Of course, 10 words does not allow enough space for this to become a reference source, so much as a literary exercise in the briefest, wryest description one can possibly give to a topic in 10 words.  Here’s its self-description/definition:

Ten Word Wiki: Knowledge but bite sized, often surreal with lots of jokes

Here are some favorites (read: not-so-random items I picked out of the mass and liked):

Abraham Lincoln: Americas [sic] 16th president, purveyor of the finest hats and beards.

Alec Baldwin: Stephen Baldwin’s less famous older brother. Leader of the Baldwins.

Bacon: Thinly sliced salty pig. Hangover cure. Guaranteed to turn vegetarians.

Bureaucracy: For definition see Form AR53776294 submitting forty digit justification code.

Chipotle: Quick, decent-quality mexican food, but easier in than out.

Copyright: Ancient concept of ownership that pre-dates the invention of internet.

Facebook: Website where children give out personal details, a paedophiles dream.

Fox News: Popular American “news” network featuring bigotry disguised as expert opinion.

Free Lunch: Mythical meal. Does not exist. No such thing. RL vapourware.

Monotheism: A mad religion which is just 1 step from atheism.

Osama bin Laden: Hide and Seek champion and beard grower of the year.

Plato: Like Gollum, occupied a cave and had an invisibility ring.

Tits: Main purpose is baby feeding, but entertain adults for life.

And it goes on…You can click here for 25 random entries to click on.

As you can tell, it’s the crack-cocaine version of Wikipedia.  CAUTION, bored browsers!

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