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Plenty of Fish in the Barrel

April 1, 2010

Readers of this blog might be getting bored of my protracted crusade to point out just how ridiculous and irrational the “debate” in national politics has become (as I am growing, admittedly). It feels unnecessarily repetitive to the point of near-cruelty to continue to point out the failings of a portion of the polity that has been proven wrong so many times that no new arguments are advanced, no new adherents are gained. However, such impatience is the primary point of weakness that can be exploited by the Zombie Party of the United States (i.e., They eat brains, they think the Constitution is in a state of living death, and they don’t speak in any language much more intelligible than angry moans and grunts). If thinking people become dissatisfied to the point of disengagement with politics in general, then the Zombies have won by sheer force of will.

Wondermark sums this point up, poignantly as ever:

George Washington's hatred for dentists boils yet from his grave.

So, I continue to trudge and rail on these folks who could make an opinionated writer’s job no fun. But then again, as the above-“quoted” (read: stolen) comic strip indicates, Zombies (like all things irrational) almost necessarily provide easy targets for humor and irony, which can serve to invigorate and embolden the spirits of those who have to endure them.

The new flickr set called Teabonics (pointing out the grammatical flaws of the new Know-Nothing Party) is a perfect example:

This is why Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are actual political actors, not just comedians as they so often profess to avoid externally imposed responsibility. We watch them and remember to keep fighting the good fight. I’ll continue to try to add my own tiny bit of levity and motivation as my own form of political action.

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  1. April 1, 2010 8:34 am

    Funny, its exactly what I have been thinking. Every time I get frustrated re-read this entry.

    P.S. Speaking of zombies in America, have you caught the new UGLY AMERICANS show on Comedy Central (immediate preceeding Stewart? Good stuff.

  2. canavan permalink
    April 1, 2010 11:08 am

    it’s like when I watched that so-called “comedy” — “Idiocracy” — and kinda wanted to cry a little bit. Because it’s a lot more true than it isn’t.

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