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Stand-Up Philosophy

May 3, 2010

You know, if Obama can take some time off work to crack wise about and for the press, perhaps it’s high time I got back to my roots and do the same.

Ironically enough, these days it seems as though the comedy media is defining politics, while news media is defining comedy.  Seth Myers, for example, has the most poignant and politically incisive summary of the new Arizona immigration bill I’ve heard so far.

I know I’ve been pretty heavy-handed with the mainstream news media for being totally worthless lately, but these 25 classic and recent news fails show how the media’s unremitting backslide into infantile idiocy needn’t be totally depressing with the proper frame of mind.

And it’s not only the news media that can fail with hilariously non-proofread copy.  Even run-of-the-mill movie theaters are capable of fails reaching the same heights.  Although, in all fairness, these “fails” seem more intentional than the former set:

Of course, as the preceding comedy shows, jokes can certainly contain and illuminate deeper philosophical observations.

Oh!  And did you hear that one hilarious joke about how the U.S. media is 24th most free in the world and falling?  Hmm, I guess that’s not a joke…but like I said before, there is some dialectical, Schadenfreude, learn-the-lessons-of-history value to our present day mistakes.  They help us see that good Comedy should integrate Philosophy, since humor always contains truth, while good Philosophy should integrate Comedy, since truth always contains humor.


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