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July 7, 2010

I think I may have had a breakthrough in the continuing dialectic of self-flagellation and self-affirmation that I have gone through when deciding whether or not to write link-dumping posts with one-line introductions or references and not much more.  I realized two important things: 1) that’s how I myself prefer to consume much of my mixed media, so why wouldn’t others and 2) if brevity is the soul of wit, the length of the comment is not dispositive of its worth.  The only thing I might ask is that you post a single comment here, since an implicit part of the quid pro quo of my provision of more or less discussion-less links ought to be that you add value back to the community with some commentary of your own.

So, without further recapitulation of a now-dead debate, here are some links for you to imbue your own commentary in my absence.

How to Access the Internet (A [Dystopian] Guide from 2025).  Read this and think whether any of this is feasible.  Then think about Minority Report and how much of that we already have in 2010.

The internet is split into roughly 120 country regions. This is to ensure that fitting entertaining content will be streamed to you, and that you will not find content that may be unsettling. Your Geolocation should be automatically derived from the position of your point of login – if it matches with the country provided in your RealIdentity card, you’re ready to go. Users from the US may enjoy great copyrighted US TV show reruns like Friends 2020, for instance, while users in other countries may have different tastes and preferences.

For the militant grammarians out there, or maybe if you’ve ever wondered how to cite a T-shirt, the Chicago Manual of Style’s new and updated Questions and Answers are a hilarious and worthwhile read.

Q. Which of the following is correct? “Canadian customers, call 1-800-etc.,” or “Canada customers, call 1-800-etc.”? I’m inclined toward the former, but keep thinking about that darn Canada goose.

A. For your purposes, Canadian citizenship mustn’t be confused with one’s location in Canada. Given that a Canadian might want to call from New Jersey, for instance, it would be clearer to write, “From Canada, call 1-800-etc.”

Q. A question recently came up in an English class: how many semicolons can you use in one sentence? We discussed how many you should use, but we were still curious whether or not there is an official limit to how many you can use and still be grammatically correct. What’s your answer?

A. You can use an infinite number of semicolons and still be grammatically correct. (Another reminder that good grammar does not equal good writing.)

4chan.  More later.

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  1. July 18, 2010 11:04 am

    Don’t you know how little the abyss cares for anything? It is an abyss man. It eats offerings whole. The abyss knows nothing of quid pro quo; it knows large and empty. I wouldn’t wait past your echo.

    And make sure the offerings aren’t sacrifices.

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