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Sleep and His Twin Brother Death

August 26, 2010

After all those articles about how my lack of sleep or my lack of non-cognitive and/or down-time is probably killing me, there’s finally an article that purports to vindicate my insane lifestyle:

‘In sleep medicine, they are called “short sleepers,”‘ says Dr. James O’Brien, CEO of, of a group that he pinpoints as less than 5 percent of the population.

Short sleepers regularly get four to five hours of sleep and feel refreshed when they wake up and can go-go-go all day long. While there is no correlation between short sleepers and high intelligence, O’Brien admits ‘success might come easier because you can work more on a project each and every day.’

Now that’s some soft science I can get behind!  I’d rather be living life fast at 18-20 hours each day and killing myself slowly than carefully stretching that boredom across a few more years.  Especially if the math works out roughly the same.  (Unlikely).  No wonder us people like this myriad of media and (expert) opinion: you can always find somebody willing to rationalize your insanity for you.

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