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Addendum to End ’em

February 28, 2011

Apparently, science has proven my last argument right!  I swear I did not get these results leaked to me before they were published.  But the latest survey seems to indicate that men care a lot less if a female partner cheats with another female, at least.

How often it happened and with how many people was immaterial, according to the study. What mattered was with whom. Men’s likelihood of continuing to date a girlfriend if she had been unfaithful with a woman was 50 percent, on average. But if she had cheated on him with another man, that likelihood plummeted to 22 percent. Meanwhile, a woman was slightly more likely to stick with a man if he’d cheated on her with another woman: her likelihood of standing by her man was 28 percent, and only 21 percent if he had had homosexual sex. Ms. Confer said that because men’s paternity is threatened by a heterosexual affair, they’re more likely to object to such transgressions.

See?  Told you so.  At least for men.  But why are females more complacent about gender and more incensed about the cheating in general?  One explanation might be that, from an evolutionary psychology point of view, if the guy is cheating regardless of whether he’s gay or straight, it means the same thing with respect to the female’s (potential) offspring: not this guy.

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