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Business Reply Fail

October 31, 2011

I’ll try to vary up my posts to include things apart from Occupy Wall Street, but for now, I figured I’d tie off the discussion with something pragmatic that everyone can–and should–do from home. I would encourage everyone to follow ransackedroom‘s suggestions for some simple, risk-free, no money down required, and Schadenfruede-laden resistance: send the junk mail back to the banks, and let them deal with it.

Think of it as an analog version of a DDoS attack.

Best case scenario: no more junk mail. Worst case scenario: no more junk mail on your counter.

Bonus: The U.S. postal service delivers the junk mail (and whatever else you care to stuff in a “Business Reply Mail” envelope) and charges the banks, thereby infusing that sadly decaying institution with some increased revenues.

[via TheDaily What. Thanks for the tip, Max.]

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