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After These Messages

May 31, 2012

Apologies are due to regular readers for what was probably the longest break between posts this blog has seen so far. I was at trial, and even though that was an immensely professionally satisfying experience, it left certain of my (non-legal) writing faculties atrophied. Time for some more regular exercise. Like a trainer at a gym or an audience at a theater, your engagement would, of course, help induce that effort. Just sayin’.

And, because there are many more people out there who do not create as a result of impediments far more significant than sapped energy and inertia, here is a wonderful short essay by Salman Rushdie on Censorship.

The creative act requires not only freedom but also this assumption of freedom. If the creative artist worries if he will still be free tomorrow, then he will not be free today. If he is afraid of the consequences of his choice of subject or of his manner of treatment of it, then his choices will not be determined by his talent, but by fear. If we are not confident of our freedom, then we are not free.

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