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Reading Between the Party Lines

September 25, 2012

They say that political ignorance is a rational choice. They say that, moreover, politics isn’t motivated by reason. The effort expended to learn about current affairs is certainly more than the discounted value of a single vote.

But you know what else is economically irrational? Spending your time on fashion, entertainment, humor, philosophy, love.

For the same reasons and more (by definition, since political participation is almost certainly a positive externality with spillover benefits coming from more enlightened policy), it’s worth it to learn enough to actually process/analyze/examine a political position without an appeal to some other authority. Because those authorities have vested interests and motivations that are at least one degree removed from the interests of yourself. Absolutely no one is selflessly beneficent, and that is doubly true for politicians.

Love yourself and your neighbors. Learn enough to form an opinion.

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