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The Streisand Effect Strikes Again

September 8, 2009

I have written about the Streisand Effect in internet publishing before, in the context of Digg’s 09 F9 controversy, and this time it has hit a giant, and one known for not backing down out of litigation (thanks to a former adjunct professor of mine), Conde Nast.  In this case, Conde Nast pulled a piece it was about to publish (again, probably thanks to a former professor of mine), but the piece was leaked and widely discussed because of the self-censorship.  The interesting thing is that the exposure to litigation, as always with the Streisand Effect, just created more coverage of the Conde Nast materials that it decided to publish in an act of self-censorship, so the content got out, even though Conde Nast might have avoided responsibility for its dissemination.  Score another one for free information.

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