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Spell Check Please

June 5, 2012

Want a sneak-peak of Amercia’s offical Republican candidate?

For any of my readers who are not already militant grammarians, this is why grammar and spelling matter. Not because you’re (necessarily) about to be thrust into the national spotlight where your every move is scrutinized no matter how far delegated it is. I am referring to your reaction to the above: you (hopefully) were at least a little surprised, and your reaction may have trickled down to affect your base opinion of Mitt’s character and competence. Because that’s what spelling is about: credibility. Especially after three mistakes in one week.

The same is true in your regular, everyday life, so please consider your audience when sending that text or email. If that person is a self-respecting grammarian, you should expect them to respect you based on those same principles. And you never know what people are saying behind your back.

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